I created a survey for high school aged gymnasts who are on a competitive optional gymnastics team. This survey includes questions about their normal diet, when they see changes in their diet, and how they work out outside of the gym during both competition season and off season. There were also questions about how they view themselves, what sources do they feel the most pressure, and how often they feel pressured to act a certain way. Before going to the gymnastics facility I was able to send a consent email to all of the parents of gymnasts at Gym World who are under the age of 18. When I went into the survey session I gave the coaches and gymnasts a background on myself and explained my capstone project. I then handed out the surveys. The athletes took about twenty minutes on average to complete the survey. Once everyone finished, I gave a brief lecture on the different hormones in the body that control hunger and the different eating disorders. I then shared some information and advice that I have learned from visiting a nutritionist. I then did five one-on-one interviews that took 15 minutes on average. I asked questions about particular stressors and situation that caused abnormal eating habits. I then was able to here their opinion on pressure and the sport of gymnastics. Once I obtained all the information from these gymnasts, I dictated the interviews and created frequency charts to compare the scale measurements for pressure from different sources. This information will then be used to make generalizations for this population of athletes.

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