Current Event

In the article A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy, the state of efficiency in antibiotics are decreasing due to over use. As antibiotics are used more and more, some bacteria that survive the antibiotic become stronger. This causes more bacteria to become resistant against antibiotics which leaves people with prolonged illnesses. This has caused an issue because scientists will have to find new cures for something like the flu, without it being based on preexisting antibiotics. Bias that could be in this article is targeting how this information is not being shared with the public. This drug resistant is a public health issue that New York Times has brought to the attention of the public.

Artifact #3

Two weeks ago my friend and I attended a professional development event hosted by the Global Health Initiative club. On top of having our resumes reviewed, the five members that we sat with talked to us about internships, interview tips, and general tips for success. The biggest thing I took from that meeting was that I should never decide to do something just to put it on my resume. I learned that it is more important to be interested in any internship, research, or job that I participate in. After talking with the Global Health Initiative club for almost an hour, I realized that I would peruse my interest in psychology by adding a minor in general psychology. I also learned about opportunities that would give me experience in that area of interest. After this meeting I feel confident that I can still be successful if I participate in opportunities that interest me outside of my main curriculum.