Artifact #2

With a few months into the semester, I have been studying and doing work for the majority of my time. About a month ago I finally had some down time and decided to play sand volley ball with other students in the STEM  program. Afterwards, my friend asked if I wanted to get insomnia cookies with her. I agreed and we walked to the shop not far from our dorm. I ordered chocolate ice cream, and patiently waited. When she gave it to me, I began to devour it right away. Then I noticed something. My tongue started feeling itchy, it was getting harder to breath, my throat was swelling, and my lips doubled in size. I was getting worried that I was having an allergic reaction to peanuts, but that couldn’t be it because I got chocolate ice cream. A girl in line asked for chocolate ice cream and the employee informed her that they ran out of chocolate ice cream. When I heard this I rushed to the front desk and asked what was in the bin that appeared to be chocolate. She told me it was chocolate peanut butter. I told her that one of the other workers gave it to me in place of chocolate and that I had an allergy. My friend called my roommate to get my epipen. We met her on our way back. On a casual Wednesday night, I injected myself with an epipen on the side of High Street. I then had to ride in a police car to the Wexner medical center where I relapsed, had two anaphylactic shocks. I was given two extra injections of epinephrine, steroids, and benadryl. I had to stay the night at the hospital. What I gained from this experience is that I realized how good my friends treat and take care of me. I also learned to always be careful with ordering food that may contain peanuts. 

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