Shape Grammar

Intentional placement of squares to convey the feeling of being overwhelmed

Shape Grammar: Part 2

Halloween themed Notan


Ideal dream studio space using one point and two point perspective

2D to 3D Translation

Illusion and Negative space created by movement in a 3D form

Observation & Communication

Map created by observational slow looking walk


Pattern created by abstract forms found in nature


New word created by putting two words together


Personalized sketchbook based on creating a simplistic minimalistic aesthetic


Portrayal of Good Vs. Evil using surprise element of light

Body Augmentation

Futuristic sustainable carnival game that can be played anywhere at the carnival

Dynamic Pages

Sunrise created by using stop motion techniques to the song Whiffing by Borrtex

Gifting Design

Stained Glass inspired picture frame to display mentors journey at Ohio State


A version of chess that could be played with any skill level