Time and Motion Studies

The main concepts of Taylor’s time and motion studies are:

  • The worker is given optimal tools for the assigned task (Sapru 116).
  • The job is separated into individual components (Sapru 116).
  • Unnecessary movements are removed from the process (Sapru 116).
  • The process is timed with a stopwatch (Sapru 116).
  • Necessary movements are assessed to formulate the most efficient method for carrying them out (Sapru 117).
  • The best method is determined and given a time constraint to be followed (Sapru 117).
  • An allowance of 20-27% will be given for new workers, fatigue, or unavoidable delays (Sapru 117).

If a worker achieves the standard determined by the time and motion study, they will receive exceptional pay, thus encouraging laborers to strive to meet the demands of the managers (Sapru 117).