Global Awareness:

As a student at the Ohio State University, I plan to expand my horizons and become more globally engaged. I am currently involved in Asian American Intervarsity which is an organization that supports Asian American students in discovering their faith. In the future, I plan to become more involved with other student organizations on campus that advocate for better diversity and inclusion of the people around us. In addition, I hope to take some coursework to learn a new language and understand more about other cultures. Maybe I will also study abroad for a summer at a different country.

Original Inquiry:

Before starting college, I had completed an independent research project in a summer program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I conducted research on the Enterovirus 71 disease which was known to cause severe infections in small children living in South East Asia. Starting college, I would like to pursue more research in different topics such as cancer, neurological disorders, and genetic diseases. Currently, in Biology 1113H, we are working in a group on a research assignment studying the mechanisms of tuberculosis infection and I am excited to complete the project.

Academic Enrichment:

I am a Neuroscience major and the reason why I chose this major was because the program had challenging coursework and allows me to complete all the pre-med prerequisites. In addition to the Neuroscience major, I plan to also minor in Business or Finance because that is something I have always been interested in but didn’t have to opportunity to learn more about in high school. For my GE courses, I plan to select a variety of different types of courses so I can discover more topics that might interest me.

Leadership Development:

I have been teaching chess for several years and I think that has helped me develop into a better leader because I am able to understand how other people think and how to communicate with both the kids and their parents. This experience contributes to my future career goals because as a future physician, I will have to know how to effectively communicate with people in a wide range of ages. I hope to enhance my leadership development by getting more involved in student organizations and eventually be able to lead an organization.

Service Engagement:

Recently, I joined a service organization called Big Buckeye Lil’ Buckeye. It is an organization committed to helping the South East Asian children that are economically disadvantaged. Although I have volunteered in several events related to helping children, this is my first time that I felt my actions have left a significant impact in another child’s life. I plan to keep volunteering and leave a bigger impact in the community.