Personal Profile

My hometown is Hefei, Anhui province. My name is Huang Ziyun or you can just call me Laura. We often call ourselves southerners, but in fact, our geographical location just in the dividing line between the north and south of China. I have a lot of fun with my friends. We travel together and joking with each other. In this picture, one of my friends fell asleep in bed while we are talking. We woke him up several times but it did not help, so a prank was created. We piled the covers and pillows on top of him to build a “perfect and warm” home. However, the funniest thing was that even so he still fell into a sweet sleep.

In my free time, I like to learn how to cook in the social media platforms. I love rolling up my sleeves and getting busy in the kitchen, especially when the result is something sweet and delicious. when I saw the pleased satisfied expressions of my family and friends, I felt happiness. I have great interest in basketball and badminton. In high school, I played basketball and badminton in every PE class and the time after school, sometimes with teachers, sometimes with my friends. I love hot pot so much and the best hotpot I’ve ever had was located in an alley of the city Chongqing. That is also a reason that why I love this city.

I choose OSU because it is one of the largest university in the United state and the gym in this school is really great. I like doing sports, so I have a high requirement on the gym. When I walk to class, I see many cute animals passing by, like the rabbits, squirrels and ducks. They make me feel warm. In addition to the academics I enjoy meeting people from various backgrounds and cultures. We meet new people every single day and each person has flash points. These are all attractive to me.