Summary for ELSTECH 2011

Three Takeaways

Suggestions for Success: What to Know Before You Begin Your Program

The Importance of Using Technology

Technology not only changes what we learn but also changes how we learn. It is very important that we can use new technology properly to increase our learning efficiency. In order to become a better learner, we should pick the technology that fits us the most. I would like to recommend Study Manager and Notability. Study Manager can help us organize our schedule in a timely manner. This app can send a notification to its owner when it is time to study. It can also allow users to make plans ahead of time. Notability helps its users to make notes quickly on a digital device. The comparison mode it provides could help users to look at differences between two documents or notes. This is very useful for reviewing learning materials.

Critical Thinking

When seeking information online, we should be wise enough to make our own judgment to the credibility of the information. By asking ourselves 5W questions, we can become more critical when looking at different articles. In an online learning environment, we should not trust what we see easily. We should always use tools and knowledge to distinguish the misinformation and unreliable sources.

Time Management

In order to become a better time manager, we should learn how to create a suitable learning environment that fits our own learning styles. For example, I prefer learning with others and could focus better on a quiet environment. This is important to help learners complete their tasks in a timely manner. Also, we should know to use technology and tools to help us organized. Taking a break after a long period of study is also a method to keep us motivated to execute our plans.