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Hi, guys!!! My name is Xiao Hu, I‘m from China ZhengZhou. This is my first year study in The Ohio State University and my major is economy. I want to talk about my hometown ZhengZhou, which is in Henan province it is at the middle part of China. Moreover, it is the most important railway hub in China. I have a happy family, my father opened a restaurant and my mother is a hospital health supervisor. Also, I have a small puppy he is only two month old and his name is roro. I have lots of hobbies. I love to play table tennis, soccer and snooker.

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I study at XinMi the 3rd high school. It is a big public school and there are more than two thousand students study at that school. Each year we will have a sport meeting. Everyone will be very exciting at that time. At the beginning of the meeting, we will have a opening ceremony. All of the students are shouting and  cheering for their classmates. It impress me a lot. Besides, when the Spring Festival comes, our school president will let us paste the antithetical couple on the door and we will have a new year show. People are dancing and singing in that show.  

(Me and my classmates)


There are many reasons why I choose The Ohio State University.  First of all, I think OSU is a large school and students and professors are friendly. Because OSU is a large school, I can communicate with different people and touch with different cultures. I plan to study the economy because it can help me to change the way I think and also it can help me to control my money. In the future, Economy can help me to maximize my economic benefits and help me to analyze what the market want. Moreover, the economy can help me to stand in somebody else’s shoes to think about the economic problem