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Faculty beyond CEGE
Bharat Bhushan, MAE, Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio/Nanotechnology and Biomimetics
Beth Blostein, Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Jake Boswell, Landscape Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Carlos Castro, MAE, Laboratory for Nanoengineering and Biodesign
Marcelo Dapino, MAE, Smart Materials and Structures Lab
Justin Diles, Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Jim Fowler, Math, Geometry and Topology
Todd Gannon, Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Ryan Harne, MAE, Laboratory of Sound & Vibration Research
Jeffrey Haase, Department of Design
Kay Bea Jones, Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Matt Kahle, Math, Geometry and Topology
Noriko Katsube, MAE, Solid Mechanics
Rachel Kajfez, Engineering Education
Emre Koksal, ECE, wireless communication systems and networks
Matthew Lewis, Department of Design
Yuanming Lu, Department of Physics
Rebekah Matheny, Department of Design
Paula Meijerink, Landscape Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Susan Melsop, Department of Design
Facundo Mémoli, Department of Mathematics
Sébastien Proulx, Department of Design
Kubilay Sertel, ECE, ElectroScience Laboratory
Jami J Shah, MAE, Digital Design and Manufacturing Lab
Soheil Soghrati, MAE, Automated Computational Mechanics Laboratory
Halina Steiner, Landscape Architecture, Austin E. Knowlton School
Haijun Sun, MAE, Design Innovation and Simulation Laboratory
Vishnu Baba Sundaresan, MAE, Integrated Material Systems Lab
Alok Sutradhar, MAE, Topology Optimization and 3D Printing
Yi Zhao, BME, Laboratory for Biomedical Microsystems

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