Career Changes, a summary

Career Changes, a summary:

  • After discussing career opportunities with a career coach from Ohio State’s Career Counseling and Support Services, I realized that the question of “What do you want to do?” is beyond the tasks that you wish to complete, but it is the purpose of your work and the impact you have on the community.
  • Forensic Scientist (w/FBI): I previously discussed my career change away from forensic science because my intended purpose was to use science and education to create change in the community such that wrongly incarcerated individuals do not have to face injustice and I would also hope to proactively prevent juveniles from resorting to crime using education. As a forensic scientist, I would not have this opportunity.
  • Science Policy: Then, I briefly looked into science policy to see if that could help with forensic science as a policymaker, not a scientist, but they focus mainly on sustainability and renewable energy (all good, just not for me)
  • Museum Curating: A recommendation from a friend inspired me to try museum curating and I still dream of it. If you have ever stepped foot in COSI, you’ll know how mind-blowing and interactive science can be. COSI focuses on many aspects of science and health, but it tends to focus mainly on physics (density, gears, magnets, electricity, light). I would love an exhibit that looks into the history of biological discoveries (especially on female and minority scientists). What are viruses? How were they discovered? What have scientists done to treat viral infections? Are there interactive experiments that can walk people through the process? I still consider this career every now and then… but the career outlook swerved me away
  • Teaching + Research + Administration: As of now, I am planning on becoming a professor and continuing research in cancer biology. I feel the most fulfilled when I work with students and teach, but I also enjoy the research process so academia seemed like the perfect spot for me. Ensuring students have a safe learning environment is one of my top priorities, so administration is also an attractive career path.