Lesson 2: Olentangy Model United Nations

February 24, 2019 || Olentangy Model UN 2019 Summit Visit

In June 2017, a few of my classmates and I founded the Olentangy Model United Nations program in our school district. Olentangy Model UN is one of the works that I pride myself most on solely because of how I have grown from the creation of the program and how I have developed the program, itself. In a way, this symbiotic relationship has led me to address my fears by directly contacting people and improving my public speaking skills, managing my time and workload, and educating myself on global issues and foreign relations. Not only has this program influenced me to make a change–in the world and myself–nor improved my leadership abilities, but it has motivated me to pursue greater challenges. The fact that a mere 8 students created a district-wide program that 200 other students invested their time into has inspired me to approach difficult situations in an optimistic and well managed manner. This program has given me a work cycle of creating healthy goals and accomplishing them appropriately. I cannot credit Model UN enough for providing the opportunity to improve my organization and communication skills, but namely for giving me the motivation to accomplish greater challenges that will ensue.

As a high school graduate, I did not attend the 2019 summit as an officer or a nation representative, but I came back as an alumni and a proud supporter.  The continuous growth I’ve witnessed in the organization, in the officers, and in myself is what motivates me to do what I do now and what I plan to accomplish in the future.

Senior Officers at the 1st Annual Olentangy Model UN Summit in 2018

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