Service Engagement

Despite OSU’s seemingly large campus, the community we build is local and strong, and that is because of those who engage in service opportunities to give back to their supporters and aid those in need. It is important to realize the impact one has on the people that surround them and the best way to introduce this feeling is through service engagement. As the Executive Coordinator of OSU’s Residence Hall Advisory Council, I wish to bring people together to give back to their community by cleaning it, bringing awareness to the people who make it up, and creating a positive change in the environment while maintaining the traditions of the land. As an individual, I hope to give back by teaching young individuals through interactive and educational science experiments. I’ve mentioned the Wonders of Our World program (WOW) in almost all of my posts because of the impact it has made on my life. In this case, as I converse with students and share my ideas with them as they do with me, I am not only giving back to my general community for the education I was given, but I am hoping to give back to the children who’ve impacted my life.