Original Inquiry

There’s a new game my friend taught me called “Wiki-link” where everyone starts on the same random Wikipedia page (George Washington, for example) and, using the blue links throughout the article, we would have to get to a predetermined page (Beats headphones, for example) and whoever got there the fastest or in the least amount of clicks would win. The reason I bring this up is not only to suggest a fun game, but it’s to demonstrate how everything is related, yet there’s still so much to discover. Learning is a never-ending process and it is not limited to academics.

This year I will be asking the question, “How do I see myself vs. How do I want to portray myself?” It’s a difficult scenario to task oneself with. Think about how you answer personality tests… are you answering truthfully or are you providing answers that you tell yourself are true? Do you even realize you do this? Can you even tell the difference between who you really are and who you want to be seen as? I hope to focus on these types of questions this year as I dive deeper into what I’m genuinely curious about right now.