Global Awareness

“Global Awareness” is a mighty heavy word. Understanding the way people interact with others and their surroundings is beyond complicated and being able to address the similarities and differences between people also allows us to see the importance everyone plays in the world. After a year at OSU, I genuinely notice the diversity this campus holds. Beyond skin color and sexual orientation, diversity is also inclusive to a wider range of components from introverts to extroverts to short people to tall people and everyone in between. These categories that we use to describe people also impact their story and their life. As much as I would adore traveling the world, there are always opportunities in the community to talk/listen to people to understand the different backgrounds and lives of people and increase my awareness of the differences that make each person unique as well as the commonalities of everyone as we’re all human.

This year, I won’t ignore organization representatives who take their time to stand in the Oval. This year, during my free time, I will have a conversation with these individuals and learn about what they’re passionate about. This year, I will focus on the awareness aspect of “Global Awareness” and continue to learn about other people, their passions, and their community as I build upon my awareness of the people who surround me.