Course and Classroom Scheduling

In the Office of Curriculum our main goal is to advocate for the Department of Human Sciences, and their programs when it comes to scheduling courses and classrooms.

Classroom Scheduling Policies: These are the policies and guidelines provided to the Office of Curriculum by The Ohio State University Registrars Office. We operate within the rules, deadlines, and guidelines set by The Registrars Office to ensure that we are utilizing university spaces to their fullest potential.

Approved Weekly Meeting Patterns:  Approved meeting patterns are set by The Registrars Office to maximize the utilization of classroom spaces owned by The Registrars Office. Following these approved meeting patterns is the best way to be placed earlier during classroom placement. Here are the approved meeting patterns for Spring & Autumn Term and for Summer Term.

In this season of COVID-19, our team does not have control over the room placement. 

Final Exam Scheduling:

Important Dates/Calendars:

The University provides an Academic Calendar that shows many of the most important dates during each academic term. The calendar below includes additional dates that pertain to scheduling courses for future and current terms.

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Scheduling Calendar

Classroom Spaces with Social Distancing

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