General Education Implementation

New General Education Model 

New GE Program Sheet

Implementation Report 2020

A lengthy and thorough university-wide review of the General Education curriculum generated a student-centered, modern and flexible new vision of “education for citizenship.” The scale and nature of change required to actualize the new General Education model necessitated the formation of the General Education Implementation Committee, charged with addressing eight core areas of concern.  Committee and subcommittee members drawn from the 12 undergraduate-serving colleges, the regional campuses, support units and beyond worked tirelessly to address these challenges with a university-wide perspective.

The report is organized into

  • Summary
  • Appendices
  • Subcommittee reports
    • Advising
    • Bookend courses
    • Embedded/cross-sectional components
    • Expected learning outcomes
    • High-impact practices
    • Open themes,
    • Policies and procedures
    • Regional campuses.

Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOS) 

As part of the process to update Ohio State’s General Education program, goals and expected learning outcomes have been drafted by a broad group of participants for both the program as a whole and for each element of that program.

You find detailed information about the ELOS below

Current Human Sciences General Education Courses

OAA General Education Overview

Guidelines for Proposing Courses within the new Themes                                                        Draft Approval of theme courses 


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