Curriculum Approval Process

The Department of Human Sciences curriculum approval process, follows the rules and guidelines approved by the College of Education and Human Ecology and the University. There are three types of requests that need to go through the approval process:

  • New course proposal
  • Program Change
  • Course mode of instruction change

Process Overview
Steps in the curriculum approval process:

  • Discussion of changes with Program Faculty
  • Development of syllabus and vote for program approval
  • Discussion with EHE Academic Advisors
  • Course Quality Assurance
  • Program representative submit request in
  • Submit cover letter, syllabus and QM report to Sue Sutherland( The cover letter to include reason for course or program change and indicate program level approval
  • Human Science undergraduate curriculum committee approval
  • College curriculum committee approval
  • CAA approval

Note: Only Undergrad Studies Coordinators and Graduate Studies Chairs have access to Please contact your program representative to submit your request to the system.