Application Workshops

Application Workshops 2021- 2022:

Information about workshop dates will be posted closer to the application deadline for Autumn 2022.

Students unable to attend a workshop may meet with an advisor, with the Writing Center, or with Career Counseling & Support Services to review their personal statements and resumes.


  • The application is accessed via
  • Current OSU students do NOT have to pay the application fee.
  • Domestic undergraduate students (not international students) do not need to submit GRE or TOEFL scores.
  • Change to Rad Sci Observation Hours for the 2021 application cycle: Due to Covid-19 restrictions in the hospital departments, observation hours will not be required by the Radiologic Sciences and Therapy Division but suggested if a clinical site will allow students to observe. In lieu of observation hours, the Radiologic Sciences and Therapy Division is requiring applicants to complete the American Society of Radiologic Technology R.T.101 – “Introduction to Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Modalities” At the completion of the module, print out a certificate of completion with your name and the date you viewed the module. The certificate of completion should be uploaded into your professional application. 
  • Rad Sci only allows one application to be turned in regardless of how many tracks a students is applying to, students will be able to rank the tracks they are interested in.



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