Information for when you come to campus

Welcome the Campus Information page for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 


We look forward to working with you soon!

This page has information that will be helpful in your transition to Columbus.  In it, we move from general to increasingly more specific information.  You may click on the hyperlinks on the page to navigate to useful resources.

Mobile App

Navigating OSU becomes a lot easier when you can hold OSU in the palm of your hand.  Try downloading the OSU Mobile Ap to access OSU maps, your class schedule, and more! 

  • BONUS: Download an OSU themed ring-tone 🙂

Whom to Ask (& How)

Knowing who to contact for help becomes a lot easier if you understand how to use email professionally and who to address your concerns to.  It also helps to follow the rules of email etiquette and moving up the chain of authority.

Email Etiquette

How to Approach a Professor


University Structure

The structure at the University can be hard to navigate and understand.  Here is a brief explanation of the roles that different departments in the hierarchy play:

Review Doing Business at Columbus

Don’t forget that although you are able to schedule classes at the Columbus campus now, you still need to remove your Financial Responsibility Hold each term.  Here is a video reviewing how to do it (please watch until the 2:00 minute mark):


Here is information to make navigating the large number of courses available on the Columbus campus a little more manageable.  It tells students how to search for an open course. It assumes that a student has logged in to his or her My Buckeye Link account and has clicked on the “Add a Class” link.  Students can also click on the “Class Search” link in Buckeye Link to go directly to the class search feature. 

IMPORTANTIf you want to search for a GE course, on Step 4 please click on the “Course Attributes” box and select “GE”.  Then click on the “Course Attribute Value” box and select the appropriate GE category.

  • This is a video showing similar information.
  • This information is about how to use the Schedule Planner tool.

Transferring Classes

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to have any transfer credits you’ve earned evaluated for credit toward your degree.

If you wish to take courses over the summer at another College or University you can find equivalents at, at our Standards page, or on the Registrar’s transfer credit page using the “Quick Equivalencies” link.

  • If you need to use your financial aid to pay for a class at another College or University, you can complete a Consortium Agreement with the Student Financial Aid Office.

Outside the Classroom

Get a jump on your career here:

How to volunteer at the Medical Center at OSU

How to arrange observation hours at the Medical Center at OSU