How to Search for Summer Classes

Summer classes can be confusing to understand.  There are four types of class schedules available:

  • Three 4-week sessions (May- session 1, June- session 2, and July- session 3)
  • Two 6-week sessions
  • Two 8-week sessions
  • Full 12-week summer term

Student can click here for the summer sessions & tuition page to see a visual representation of the summer calendar and an explanation of the tuition discounts for summer courses.

If you have questions about when a course is offered, you can find that information in the Schedule of Classes.  You can check the session information (color coded boxes and arrows), or the meeting dates (purple square).

When a course is offered

The Schedule of Classes



Students can search for classes in a particular session like this:

How to search for a session course

Click the “Additional Search Criteria” and use the “Session” drop-down menu



Students can search for online courses:

How to search for a specific Mode of Instruction

Click the “Additional Search Criteria” and use the “Mode of Instruction” drop-down menu (select “Distance Learning” for online courses)



Combine search terms to find desirable courses:

Combined search terms

Here is how to search for “May session” online History GEs