Student declare minors for a variety of reasons:

  1. To add an area of specialty to their major that contributes to their long-term career goals (such as HDFS for students interested in pediatrics)

  2. To get credit for courses they have taken, are taking, or will be taking (such as a Biology minor for pre-med pre-requisites)

  3. To explore an area of interest or personal development (such as Art or Dance)

Common Minors:

Pre-Hospital Administration: Business Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, General Business**, Leadership Studies, NonProfit Studies**

Pre-Med: BioChemistry, Biology**, BioEthics, BioMedical Engineering, Biological Bases of Behavior, MicroBiology

Pre-Occupational Therapy: Aging**, Disability Studies**, Human Development & Family Science**, Psychology**, Speech & Hearing Science**

Pre-Nurse Practitioner: Aging, Biology**, Integrated Approaches to Health & Wellness, Psychology, Women Gender & Sexuality Studies**

Pre-Physician Assistant: Biology**, Human Nutrition**, Integrated Approaches to Health & Wellness**, Molecular Genetics

Pre-Physical Therapy: Aging**, Coaching Education, General Business**, NeuroScience**, Physical Activities Specialist**

Pre-Public Health: Epidemiology, Global Public Health**, Health & Society**, Health Environment Risk & Science Communication, Human Rights, Public Policy, Substance Misuse & Addiction

Pre-Veterinary Science: Animal Nutrition, Animal Pre-Veterinary Science**, Animal Sciences**, Biology, Equine Science, Forestry Fisheries & Wildlife, Human & Animal Interactions

* Languages and Cultural Studies are good for all career paths
** These are the most commonly declared in this career path

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