Asian American Studies Minor Information Session

The spike in anti-Asian racism and hatred over the past two years has woken us up, as a society, to the need for more knowledge and awareness about Asian Americans. The Minor in Asian American Studies at Ohio State opens the door to just that, introducing students to the history, literature, art, and culture of Asians in the US. Whether your major is in the humanities, social sciences, or STEM, whether you are interested in business or international relations or policy, our Minor – requiring only four courses – will enhance your OSU degree.

Join us for this one-hour info session on the Asian American Studies minor at 5pm on Thursday, October 28.  Dr. Joe Ponce, who is teaching the Intro to Asian American Studies course in Spring 2022, will be joining us, as well as current AAS minors (Comp Studies 2321). Please register at and receive the Zoom link.

Check out the event flyer here!

Health Sciences Spring 2022 Scheduling Tips

Unsure of your enrollment scheduling window for Spring?  Please use this link for help in locating your specific day and time.

All 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses have a graduate and undergraduate section.  Be sure to select the undergraduate section when scheduling or you will receive an error message.

Columbus Campus students: DO NOT waitlist .01 sections of courses because these are reserved for online only students.  You will not get off the waitlist If a course section that you want is full you can add yourself to the non .01 waitlist.

Online Only Students: Please only sign yourself up for the .01 sections of coursework in HTHRHSC.  These are reserved for you!

Please use the health sciences Curriculum Guides and Class Offerings for Columbus Campus Students and Online Only Students that are available on our website to assist you with course planning.

Students that need to be permissioned into courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.

Any student that is taking EEOB 2520 equivalent at Columbus State this Autumn will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.  You do not need to email the instructor. Just email George or Christie and we can permission you in.

Pubhepi 2410 online tends to fill up quickly.  If it gives you an error message that seats are reserved but the course looks open, please add yourself to the waitlist.

Current Second Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students: Continue to take GE’s and pre-reqs for the major.  These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.

Spring 2022 Graduating SeniorsAny course that is full that you need to graduate, add yourself to the waitlist and email your advisor.  We will watch the waitlists and adjust as needed.  Worst case, we will find a suitable alternative if you cannot get into a course!

NEW course: Theory of Strength and Conditioning

KNHES 3416 “Theory of Strength and Conditioning” being offered by the Department of Human Sciences is the first undergraduate course dedicated to providing the underlying background needed for the design of successful strength and conditioning programs required for optimal health and fitness for individuals across the life span to elite athletes attempting optimizing performance.  Owing to the scientific nature of modern-day strength and conditioning programming, they must be supported by understanding core physiological and biomechanical principles for evidence-based practices. Knowledge-based practices as to how programs are individualized have become even more critical for player development in sports. Whether one’s career aspirations are exercise science, personal training, athletic training, physical therapy, sports medicine physician, or becoming a strength and conditioning professional, having a solid base in strength and conditioning program design is fundamental for career progression.  Having such a course in your background also prepares one for various certifications by national governing bodies, which all require knowledge in exercise prescription and program design.

  • Who the course is relevant for

Developing expert background for exercise science graduate training, personal training, athletic training, physical therapy, sports medicine physician, or becoming a strength and conditioning professional

  • What it prepares you

Helps to prepare you for all of the National Strength and Conditioning Association certification tests, CSCS, CPT, TsacF , College Strength Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC), and the American College of Sports Medicine’s Per Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) PersonalTrainer certification.

  • Faculty bio – Dr. Kraemer is a professor in kinesiology/exercise science at The Ohio State University’s Department of Human Sciences. He is one of the world authorities in strength training, past president of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), honored by the NSCA with their Lifetime Achievement Award and by the American College of Sports Medicine, by their Citation Award, over 500 publications, author of several books on strength training program design and ranked the Number 1 Sports Scientist of the top 100 in the world by Science for Sport.

First Generation Envisioning Network

On behalf of the First Generation Envisioning Network (FGEN), I am reaching out because I was hoping you could share our 8-week FGEN summer cohort program for first-generation college students with your advising networks, perhaps in the newsletter. I have some marketing materials available if that would be helpful, including the image attached here.

This program is a paid opportunity for first generation students to analyze their personal goals and values, meet an array of employers, build a network of peers and employer contacts, and advance their career paths. The program is fully virtual and begins June 7th and ends August 13th. We meet weekly over Zoom for about 90 minutes per week. In addition to this time commitment, students will also participate in career development sessions, such as mock interviews and financial wellness sessions, and meet with top Columbus area employers. The program pays up to $150 at the completion of the 8-week program.

First-generation college students can sign up here by April 30. Spots are limited, so students should sign up as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the program, please let me know!




Kaity Prieto, PhD

University Innovation Alliance Fellow

Office of Academic Affairs

Student Academic Services Building, 6th Floor

281 W. Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1234

614-247-8458 Office

Scheduling Tips for Health Sciences Majors

Here are some scheduling tips that we recommend for Health Sciences majors:

  • Check when you can register for Autumn 2021 classes with this link.
  • Be sure to select the “undergraduate level for all 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses.
  • .01 sections are for ONLINE Health Science Majors ONLY!
  • Use the Pre-Track Health Sciences Curriculum Guides to see what you need for potential graduate schools.
  • See what’s available for Major Electives for In-Person Students and Major Electives for ONLINE Only Students.
  • Students that have permission to enroll in courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.
  • Any student taking EEOB 2520: Physiology equivalent at a community college this Spring/Summer terms will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist for PUBHEPI 2410 if you receive an error.
  • Current First Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students should continue to take GE’s and prerequisites for the Health Sciences major.
    • These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.

Career Development Course: ESCE 2272

ESCE 2272, is a career development class for all Ohio State students, aimed to assist you with your career goals

and choices. From learning more about yourself, different majors and decision-making, to exploring various

careers, transitioning to the job market and applying to graduate and professional schools. You will have the opportunity to master your resume, personal statement, interviewing, among many other skills needed to be successful upon graduation.


  • Course Number: 14353
  • Credits and Grading: 2-credit hour class, graded S/U
  • When:
    • Second Term, Spring Semester (March 5 – April 23)
    • Fridays from 10 a.m. – Noon
  • Instruction Mode: Distance Learning – synchronous

For more information visit: or email Dr. Ana Berrios Allison at