HDFS Summer Class Adult Development and Aging

HDFS 5430 will be held Mon-Friday 9am-10:55am  May 8-June 3, 2019. The class is available for both UG and Grad students.

HDFS 5430 (Class #8627 Grad, 8879 UG) Adult Development and Aging

Examination of change and continuity in human development from young adulthood to very old age using a psycho-social-biological perspective.  Prereq: 2400 or 2420, or equiv, and Jr or Sr standing. Not open to students with credit for 670.01.

Professor Gene Folden



New Autumn 2019 course: Movement is Medicine

A signature course called Movement is Medicine: Your Rx to Health, and will be offered for the first time in Autumn 2019. It can be taken by students of all majors and ranks, and would be an excellent elective for students interested in exercise and health.


New 2nd session course option: EXP 2000

Interested in exploring majors? You may benefit from EXP 2000: Major Exploration for Continuing Students. The How to Re-decide course is a seven week, one credit hour course (2-3 hours per week of work required).  The course guides students through the re-deciding process and formulating a new academic plan at OSU by exploring potential majors through assessments, exposure to OSU degrees and various ways to explore and determine the best fit.


There are 2 sections being offered in the second session of spring semester:

#30941 – In person section, meets Mondays from 1:50-2:45. Instructor: Kathryn Dove.7

#35517 – New ONLINE section of the course; asynchronous. Instructor: Sarah Howard.933


Both sections are listed as “Department consent required,” but any advisor may enroll students into the course if they feel it is appropriate. If you have questions, feel free to meet with your advisor and discuss one of these options!


Interested in Medicine? Consider one of these Courses!

Please note: the following courses are not GEs and will not fulfill any General Education requirement. However, if you have room in your schedule and are interested in learning more about a career in medicine, consider signing up for one of the following courses! 


Medcoll 2000.21:Intro to Medicine (2 units)

Designed for students interested in a career in medicine, this course will provide an overview of the field (knowledge and skill requirements), information about prerequisites and applying to medical school. Recommended prereq: Soph or Jr standing.


Medcoll 2022: A Day in the Life: Undergraduate Physician Shadowing (1 unit)


Deciding on whether medicine is the right career choice for someone interested in the health professions is challenging. This course is designed to provide a meaningful preceptorship experience with physicians in various disciplines in order to provide the student with a better understanding of the field. A better understanding of medicine is a crucial part of the application process to med school.
Prereq: Soph, Jr, or Sr standing.  Preference given to those who completed MedColl 2000.21. This course is graded S/U.


AFAMAFST 4326: Race and Medicine (3 units)

This course will address disparities in health with specific focus on the clinical, public policy, and social factors that limit African Americans? access to affordable, ethical, and accessible care. There will be an emphasis on implicit bias in health care broadly, research on epigenetics, and microagressions. A final area of attention will be paid to the historical and ongoing under-rep-resentation of racial minorities and  admission to medical school and in the sciences more broadly. This course will be co-taught by Dr. Quinn Capers IV the Associate Dean for Admissions  and Associate Professor of Cardiology in The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

New in CarmenCanvas

There are several enhancements in the works for CarmenCanvas, as well as for other programs designed to improve the teaching and learning experience at Ohio State. Integrated software such as Mediasite and Turnitin will see improvements; new services for lab notes and academic integrity have been launched; and incoming freshmen will be equipped with new technology.
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