Pay It Forward applications – NOW OPEN!

Pay It Forward is a cohort made up of 25-30 student chairs who plan, coordinate, and lead service experiences throughout the city of Columbus for over 3,000 Ohio State students a year currently recruiting for the 2022-2023 school year. Pay It Forward works with over 100 non-profit organizations in medical care access, social justice, environment racism, food insecurity and more. The cohort seeks to educate and expose students to avenues of civic engagement in a variety of areas fueled by hope and positivity.  If you’re interested in organizing, community service, community nutrition, public health and other social issues, joining the Pay It Forward cohort could be a great opportunity for you!


Applications are open now and close February 6th for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Questions can be directed to Tabitha Willis at

Ready to submit your application? Visit


Sign Up for the Fall Involvement Fair!

Organizations can sign up to have a presence at the Involvement Fair until July 1. The Fair will be held on Sunday, August 22 from 4-7 p.m. as a live event. While in-person details about the fair are not yet available, organizations can at least expect online engagement, and in-person engagement options will be determined this summer. Details as they become available will be posted on the SIF webpage. Email with questions.


American Association of University Women E-Board Positions Open

Are you looking for an opportunity to be on an E-board? Do you want to gain leadership experience to grow a new coming student organization? Are you passionate about public policy and the professional development of women in the workplace? Are you dedicated to acknowledging and eradicating the wage gap that intersects multiple identities?

AAUW (American Association of University Women) has e-board applications open and is looking for any and all individuals interested in taking on the responsibility to be part of an organization that is a major resource for students across campus.

Given the current pandemic, all of our meetings and events have been virtual but we hope to engage our community with in-person meetings this fall. This past year, we carried out formal events that consist of salary negotiation workshops, documentary screenings, guest speakers, wellness activities, and more! The AAUW community is a group of empowered women here to support you during your time at Ohio State and beyond.

Check here to apply!

OSU Votes Election Workshop – 9/24/2020

Join us for our SECOND MEETING!!

Thursday, September 24th froom 5:00 – 6:00 pm, in collaboration with OSU Votes

Workshop with OSU Votes: Join AAUW and OSU Votes as we discuss the upcoming election, policy issues facing women, and the importance of electing more strong female candidates!
September 24th, 2020 at 5:00 pm via Zoom: and Password: AAUW 

(password for all meetings is always AAUW!)

Upcoming Events:

Salary Negotiation Workshop: October 8th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Women entering the workforce face a gender wage gap that is perpetuated by many factors. AAUW aims to educate and empower women on Ohio State’s campus to know their worth, know their markets, and face this wage gap head on. These workshops will teach tangible tools that can be used to ensure that you are receiving a fair wage post grad. The workshops are held on Zoom, October 8th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  

Please feel free to email or message through GroupMe about any questions or thoughts you have. My email is if you want to reach out to me personally.

Hope to see you this Thursday!

Organization: Universal Health Aid: Columbus (UHAC)

Universal Health Aid: Columbus (UHAC) is a student organization dedicated to improving health through preventive medicine, health education, and leadership development.  We are looking for passionate students who are invested in the Columbus community and who are willing to bring their creativity and skills to our growing non-profit. UHAC hosts an annual signature event: a multi-specialty screening offered to uninsured populations.


Additionally, UHAC arranges a variety of university programs and provides the opportunity to volunteer at various events around Ohio State and greater Columbus.


Students interested in healthcare, marketing, finance, management, media design, service, and leadership are encouraged to attend an informational meeting and apply to UHAC.


If you are interested in joining our organization, attendance at an information session is required before applying. Our information sessions will be held during the following dates and times:

  1.  Monday, 8/31 from 6-7
  2. Wednesday, 9/2 from 5-6
  3. Tuesday, 9/8 from 5-6
  4. Thursday, 9/10 from 6-7
  5. Monday, 9/14 from 5 – 6

All information sessions will be held on Zoom at the following link:


Please contact Rebecca Berning at with any additional questions.


We look forward to seeing you!