Harm Reduction Week

Ohio continues to combat the Opioid Epidemic, seeing a near record number of overdoses in 2020. To bring awareness and education on this topic, Buckeyes for Harm Reduction invites you to join them for Harm Reduction Week – April 5th-11th, 2021; a collaborative effort, merging students with field professionals to discuss ways to effectuate change that support to those affected by addiction and the opioid epidemic.

Events Include:  

Addiction in Medicine – April 5th 7PM – A sit-down conversation with addiction medicine specialists on their experiences in the field

Opioid Crisis Townhall – April 8th 7PM – Bringing together policymakers and health experts to discuss solutions to the opioid epidemic

Daily Fentanyl & Narcan Test Strip Training – Stop by the Oval to learn how to properly use and obtain Fentanyl Test Strips and Narcan

If you have any questions or want to get involved in the organization, please contact Andrew McGirty (mcgirty.5@osu.edu).

Fellowship Program for Undergrad Students

CREATES-Undergrad is a paid fellowship program for Ohio State University undergraduate students interested in cancer research. Selected participants will conduct work in state-of-the-art laboratories within the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center/James Cancer Hospital and the College of Pharmacy.

The program, which runs autumn and spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, includes up to a $4000 stipend and student mentorship through faculty and staff engagement.

The application deadline is April 18, 2021 and you can learn more about the opportunity and apply here: CREATES-Undergraduate (osumc.edu).

Apply for the Student Experience and Engagement Delegates (SEEDs) program

You can help drive change, share your feedback and ideas as we create an extraordinary experience at Ohio State by applying for the Student Experience and Engagement Delegates (SEEDs) program. Led by Dr. Melissa Shivers, Senior Vice President for Student Life, the program serves as a way for the university to gather feedback and ideas from as many students as possible. All undergraduate, graduate and professional students from any campus are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by March 21 at 5 p.m.

For more information visit: go.osu.edu/SEEDsprogram 

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

An internship represents a learning experience to try out a career idea, define your career goals, and learn more about yourself and the world of work. The following web-sites provide information about internships opportunities. They are listed under general internship information, internships specific to different majors, internships for diverse populations, and for those who would like to get international experiences.

You may also want to contact Buckeye Careers to learn more how your career services office can assist you with internship opportunities within your college. Career Counseling and Support Services does not work with employers.

Undergraduate Researchers Needed

Students are welcome to apply on our website by clicking here to be considered for current and future openings in our lab!.

Research Description: Experimenters needed for studies on the effects of stress on immune function. Availability of at least 9 hours each week spread across two or three shifts is highly desirable. Depending on your availability/interests, you will be responsible for tasks on one or more studies. Current studies address questions related to psychological/behavioral influences on a key aspect of immune function–inflammation, as well as molecular markers of aging.

Our current studies examine:

  • How one’s physical fitness, mood, and stress can affect the immune response to infection.
  • The ability of chemotherapy and depression to alter triglyceride responses following meals in ways that would promote atherosclerosis.
  • How inflammation affects behavioral symptoms, including pain sensitivity, mood, social behavior, and cognitive problems.
  • Marital stress, and how a couple’s interactions may affect their immune system and their aging.
  • How the stresses of providing for a husband or wife with Alzheimer’s disease may promote depression and anxiety in caregivers, and simultaneously promote the aging of the immune system.

Based on personal strengths and interests, Stress & Health lab students often have the opportunity to:

  • Work face-to-face with research participants including breast cancer patients and adults from the community
  • Be involved in behind-the-scenes data collection and organization.
  • Learn in an interdisciplinary environment with lab managers, research assistants, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows from several fields.  This is a good opportunity to learn about possible career paths in research.
  • Obtain more responsibilities over time; some of these responsibilities may be similar to those of a first or second year graduate student.

Student Participation: Responsibilities may include: Administering psychosocial stress tasks to research participants. Conducting interviews about life stress and daily dietary intake with research participants. Collecting heart rate variability, bionutritional and psychological self-report data in hospital clinics. An excellent opportunity for someone considering graduate or medical school! We require a commitment of 300 lab hours, approximately two semesters of working 9 hours per week, in order to earn a letter of recommendation.

Special Qualifications Needed: Detail-oriented, self-motivated, communication skills, professional appearance; at least a two semester commitment. Preference for students who are available to work in this internationally recognized lab one or two years.  Students must complete CITI training on Human Subjects Research before beginning work in the lab.

OSU Votes Election Workshop – 9/24/2020

Join us for our SECOND MEETING!!

Thursday, September 24th froom 5:00 – 6:00 pm, in collaboration with OSU Votes

Workshop with OSU Votes: Join AAUW and OSU Votes as we discuss the upcoming election, policy issues facing women, and the importance of electing more strong female candidates!
September 24th, 2020 at 5:00 pm via Zoom: https://osu.zoom.us/j/99391459696 and Password: AAUW 

(password for all meetings is always AAUW!)

Upcoming Events:

Salary Negotiation Workshop: October 8th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Women entering the workforce face a gender wage gap that is perpetuated by many factors. AAUW aims to educate and empower women on Ohio State’s campus to know their worth, know their markets, and face this wage gap head on. These workshops will teach tangible tools that can be used to ensure that you are receiving a fair wage post grad. The workshops are held on Zoom, October 8th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  

Please feel free to email or message through GroupMe about any questions or thoughts you have. My email is iroh.2@osu.edu if you want to reach out to me personally.

Hope to see you this Thursday!

Organization: Universal Health Aid: Columbus (UHAC)

Universal Health Aid: Columbus (UHAC) is a student organization dedicated to improving health through preventive medicine, health education, and leadership development.  We are looking for passionate students who are invested in the Columbus community and who are willing to bring their creativity and skills to our growing non-profit. UHAC hosts an annual signature event: a multi-specialty screening offered to uninsured populations.


Additionally, UHAC arranges a variety of university programs and provides the opportunity to volunteer at various events around Ohio State and greater Columbus.


Students interested in healthcare, marketing, finance, management, media design, service, and leadership are encouraged to attend an informational meeting and apply to UHAC.


If you are interested in joining our organization, attendance at an information session is required before applying. Our information sessions will be held during the following dates and times:

  1.  Monday, 8/31 from 6-7
  2. Wednesday, 9/2 from 5-6
  3. Tuesday, 9/8 from 5-6
  4. Thursday, 9/10 from 6-7
  5. Monday, 9/14 from 5 – 6

All information sessions will be held on Zoom at the following link: https://osu.zoom.us/j/92671343121?pwd=TVBPWWpPZGtVNjVtOFNoZlhVM1Zndz09


Please contact Rebecca Berning at berning.61@osu.edu with any additional questions.


We look forward to seeing you!