Pre-PT & OT

Best Practices for Applying To Physical or Occupational Therapy School

  1. Join Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club
    • Gets you involved in other programs that will look great on your application
    • Helps with finding PT/OT to shadow
    • Great for answering any PT/OT questions
  1. Schedule an appointment with PT/OT graduate admissions counselors

If you’re interested in applying to OSU, contact the HRS Graduate Program

206 Atwell Hall, 453 W. 10th Ave.

Columbus, OH 43210


  1. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
    • Sign up for Kaplan Test Prep
    • Use free and low cost GRE tests rather than paying for a “trial” test
  2. Start shadowing hours early!
    • Multiple hours of shadowing are required to be competitive
    • It is recommended to shadow in at least two sub-specialties
    • Once you find a therapist you enjoy working with, shadowing consistently for several years helps you develop a good relationship with them and a deeper understanding of the field
    • Try journaling about your shadowing experiences. Record you thoughts and reactions, what you learned and what surprised you, what you liked and disliked. Reviewing this journal prior to writing your personal statement or having an interview will make those experiences fresh in your mind again
  3. Start looking for letters of recommendations early
    • Get to know your professors – go to office hours to ask questions, talk to them about their research, and ask about their career paths
    • A letter from a PT/OT will usually be required. Having done a lot of hours with a single therapist will yield better letters of recommendation because s/he will know you well
      • Some schools may have different requirements –research your schools of interest early
    • Put together your resume
      • Reach out to the Writing Center or Career Counseling on campus for resume writing help
  4. Start on your application before it opens and apply early
    • Start your personal statement at least one month before application opens
    • If you get stuck or need an extra pair of eyes to look over your statement, reach out to the OSU Writing Center (4132 Smith Lab) – click here to schedule an appointment!