Directions to Baker Mezzanine

Hello FHP Students! If you aren’t sure how to get to the Baker Mezzanine, please check out this super official map we made:

Online Healthcare Job Fair

The City of Dublin, in partnership with Dublin-based Chatstrike, will host a free online hiring event the week of July 25. The event features a 24-hour online lobby where potential employees can review opportunities from participating Dublin companies, ask questions, easily submit applications and respond to requests from recruiters. An online job fair is appealing for the flexibility and convenience it offers to both employers and employees. Participating companies, which include Cardinal HealthQuantum and Sarnova, are Dublin-based employers within the healthcare and biosciences industry.

Interested job seekers can register at

You can also check out our LinkedIn post:

Asian American Studies Minor Information Session

The spike in anti-Asian racism and hatred over the past two years has woken us up, as a society, to the need for more knowledge and awareness about Asian Americans. The Minor in Asian American Studies at Ohio State opens the door to just that, introducing students to the history, literature, art, and culture of Asians in the US. Whether your major is in the humanities, social sciences, or STEM, whether you are interested in business or international relations or policy, our Minor – requiring only four courses – will enhance your OSU degree.

Join us for this one-hour info session on the Asian American Studies minor at 5pm on Thursday, October 28.  Dr. Joe Ponce, who is teaching the Intro to Asian American Studies course in Spring 2022, will be joining us, as well as current AAS minors (Comp Studies 2321). Please register at and receive the Zoom link.

Check out the event flyer here!

Health Sciences Spring 2022 Scheduling Tips

Unsure of your enrollment scheduling window for Spring?  Please use this link for help in locating your specific day and time.

All 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses have a graduate and undergraduate section.  Be sure to select the undergraduate section when scheduling or you will receive an error message.

Columbus Campus students: DO NOT waitlist .01 sections of courses because these are reserved for online only students.  You will not get off the waitlist If a course section that you want is full you can add yourself to the non .01 waitlist.

Online Only Students: Please only sign yourself up for the .01 sections of coursework in HTHRHSC.  These are reserved for you!

Please use the health sciences Curriculum Guides and Class Offerings for Columbus Campus Students and Online Only Students that are available on our website to assist you with course planning.

Students that need to be permissioned into courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.

Any student that is taking EEOB 2520 equivalent at Columbus State this Autumn will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.  You do not need to email the instructor. Just email George or Christie and we can permission you in.

Pubhepi 2410 online tends to fill up quickly.  If it gives you an error message that seats are reserved but the course looks open, please add yourself to the waitlist.

Current Second Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students: Continue to take GE’s and pre-reqs for the major.  These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.

Spring 2022 Graduating SeniorsAny course that is full that you need to graduate, add yourself to the waitlist and email your advisor.  We will watch the waitlists and adjust as needed.  Worst case, we will find a suitable alternative if you cannot get into a course!

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Ecuador – Summer 2022

Barbara Piperata, Ph.D., Professor, Director, Medical Anthropology Degree Program, has received an NSF International Research Experience for Students award (see flyer attached). The award allows her to take students to Ecuador for a 7-week medical anthropology research project. The experience is fully funded and includes an additional stipend.  The deadline for applications is October 8.

One Graduate and two undergraduate students from Ohio State will be selected to participate in a year-long mentored research process through the NSF funded International Research Experience for Students (IRES) program. Students will be mentored by Dr. Barbara Piperata, and join a cohort of additional undergraduate and graduate students from Texas State and Tulane University as part of an interdisciplinary team of 8 total students . This team of 8 students will be led by Dr. Piperata, one faculty member each from Texas State and Tulane University, and by conservation professionals with the Non-Governmental Organization in Ecuador called Fundación para la Conservación de los Andes Tropicales (known as FCAT) that is housed at the FCAT Biological Field Station and Forest Reserve (https://fcatecuador. org). Together, students will design and conduct interdisciplinary research on conservation projects that promote the wellbeing of the people, plants, and wildlife living in this lowland rain forested region in the foothills of Andes Mountains in Ecuador.

Requirements: US citizenship/permanent residence; Intermediate/Advanced Spanish speaking; enrollment in classes in Fall 2022; Minimum GPA of 3.2.

For full application information, click here.

For more information contact Dr. Piperata at

Graduate and Professional School Expo

The 2021 Graduate and Professional School Expo will be held virtually on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.

This virtual fair will be held via Handshake. Students will be able to schedule 10-minute one-on-one meeting and attend 30-minute information sessions with representatives from top graduate and professional school programs from across the country and around the world.


Download a copy of the flyer here: PointGradExpo2021

Things To Do Before Commencement!

Information listed below pertains to spring 2021 graduation/commencement.  Please take the appropriate actions as needed.


Things to Do Before Commencement!

  • Before contacting the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Student Service Office (HRS), please check the Ohio State’s Commencement website at to prepare for the spring commencement program.  Commencement for undergraduate HRS students starts at 11am on May 9, 2021 at the Ohio Stadium.  Ohio State’s Graduation Services, not HRS, is coordinating ticket distribution and arrival times.


  • ACTION ITEMS: If you wish to change your name, you must quickly take action by following the steps listed on Ohio State’s Commencement website; if you will receive Latin or Special Honors, please see the section below regarding honor cord distribution.  If you are not attending commencement, please submit the Commencement Absence Form to the HRS Student Service Office via as soon as possible as the deadline has passed.   Please do not drop off the form in person to the HRS Student Services Offices in Atwell Hall since the office is closed.   Finally, for those that have a diploma hold noted, check Buckeyelink and your “To Do List” immediately to determine the necessary action.  Students will not receive their diploma, cords, certificate and transcripts until the hold is removed.
    • For those not attending commencement, diplomas will be mailed after the commencement event to the permanent address listed on Buckeyelink for those who have submitted an excuse form.   All mailings will be via regular United States Postal Service.   To update your permanent address, please visit


  • Please remember that the tassel color for HRS is KELLY GREEN. Make sure you tell Barnes & Noble at The Ohio State University Official Bookstore where you can purchase your cap and gown that you are in the “College of Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences”, so that you purchase the KELLY GREEN


  • Read the information about graduating with Latin Honors in the HRS Graduation Instructions.  If you are graduating with Latin Honors (Summa Cum Laude 3.9-4.0, Magna Cum Laude 3.7-3.89, and Cum Laude 3.5-3.69), with Honors, or with Research Distinction, you will receive an Honors cord.  If your spring 2021 grades and credits make you eligible for Latin Honors, you will receive an email from HRS Student Services.


To ensure the health and safety of our Buckeye community, we are offering specific dates and time for distribution.  Since the HRS Student Service Office is operating virtually this semester due to the pandemic, cord distribution will not be available outside of the dates and time listed below or at Commencement.   Finally, to guarantee proper distribution and maintain health and safety, HRS students must be present to pick up their cords.  Family members and friends are unable to pick up cords.  Please note the same cord is given for all Latin Honors-cum, magna and summa, those graduating with honors as well as graduating with research distinction.  Students do not receive multiple cords for Latin Honors, graduating with Honors or graduating with research distinction.  If you graduate with multiple designations, you will receive one cord.  Program certificate of completion will be mailed to your permanent address after commencement along with cords not picked up during the times below.


Distribution will take place in 206 Atwell Hall during the dates and times below:

  • Thursday, April 29th from 10a to 2p
  • Friday, April 30th from 10a to 2p
  • Monday, May 3th from 10a to 2p
  • Wednesday, May 5th from 10a to 2p


  • If you have completed coursework at another institution, and have not sent an official transcript to Ohio State, please complete this task immediately.  Contact the Registrar’s office (where you took the course(s) and request an official transcript be sent to The Ohio State University, Professional Admissions via or mail to O. Box 182004 Columbus, Ohio 43218-2004.  If HRS Student Service is unable to certify your eligibility to graduate by 5pm, April 30 due to missing course work, you will have the option to participate in the University’s Commencement program but your diploma, cords, certificate and transcripts will not be released until all grades are transferred and posted to your academic record.


  • If you are, taking courses at Columbus State this term, please complete and submit the following form to each instructor at Columbus State.  Remember that Columbus State does not follow OSU’s calendar so you will need to take the final exam early to be eligible to graduate from Ohio State.  If HRS Student Service is unable to certify your eligibility to graduate by 5pm, April 30 due to missing course work, you will have the option to participate in the University’s Commencement program but your diploma, cords, certificate and transcripts will not be released until all grades are transferred and posted to your academic record.


  • Unfortunately, due to capacity limitations at the Ohio Union, the HRS Pre-Commencement event will not be held in person.  Please contact your program director for specific information pertaining to your HRS program.



Again congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

American Association of University Women E-Board Positions Open

Are you looking for an opportunity to be on an E-board? Do you want to gain leadership experience to grow a new coming student organization? Are you passionate about public policy and the professional development of women in the workplace? Are you dedicated to acknowledging and eradicating the wage gap that intersects multiple identities?

AAUW (American Association of University Women) has e-board applications open and is looking for any and all individuals interested in taking on the responsibility to be part of an organization that is a major resource for students across campus.

Given the current pandemic, all of our meetings and events have been virtual but we hope to engage our community with in-person meetings this fall. This past year, we carried out formal events that consist of salary negotiation workshops, documentary screenings, guest speakers, wellness activities, and more! The AAUW community is a group of empowered women here to support you during your time at Ohio State and beyond.

Check here to apply!

Scheduling Tips for Health Sciences Majors

Here are some scheduling tips that we recommend for Health Sciences majors:

  • Check when you can register for Autumn 2021 classes with this link.
  • Be sure to select the “undergraduate level for all 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses.
  • .01 sections are for ONLINE Health Science Majors ONLY!
  • Use the Pre-Track Health Sciences Curriculum Guides to see what you need for potential graduate schools.
  • See what’s available for Major Electives for In-Person Students and Major Electives for ONLINE Only Students.
  • Students that have permission to enroll in courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.
  • Any student taking EEOB 2520: Physiology equivalent at a community college this Spring/Summer terms will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist for PUBHEPI 2410 if you receive an error.
  • Current First Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students should continue to take GE’s and prerequisites for the Health Sciences major.
    • These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.