HRS Major Students

Once you send official Ohio State transcripts from the other institutions you’ve attended, Ohio State will evaluate your coursework and issue your Transfer Credit Report. If you previously sent in transcripts, Ohio State will update your existing Transfer Credit Report. 

If you have questions about your Transfer Credit Report, please email your HRS academic advisor or call the HRS Office of Academic Affairs at 614-292-1706

Additional evaluation of credit 

Credit for courses you took elsewhere will be matched as much as possible to an equivalent course at Ohio State. However, the transfer credit evaluator sometimes needs help identifying an exact course equivalent for your credit.

In these instances, you may see credit on your Transfer Credit Report designated in one of these ways:

General (G000): General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Evaluator could not make that determination.

Special (S000): Special credit is awarded when no specific course is equivalent at Ohio State.

Technical (T000): Technical credit is awarded for technical coursework with no specific course equivalent at Ohio State.

Validation:  Validation is listed when college-level coursework has been successfully completed at non-regionally accredited post-secondary institutions.

We recommend that you have any General or Validation credit evaluated further before your orientation program. Further credit evaluation helps ensure that you take courses for which you’re well prepared and avoid retaking courses that you’ve completed elsewhere.  Special and Technical credit evaluation should occur during the first three weeks of your first semester. 

Requesting further evaluation 

To request a further evaluation of your General or Validation credit, contact the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator for the department (e.g., for Anatomy general credit, contact the anatomy transfer credit coordinator).  Click here for a list of coordinators and additional instructions.

To request further evaluation of your Special or Technical credit, you’ll need to contact your HRS academic advisor.  They will assist you with completing an HRS Degree Audit Exception petition.  


You can get an idea of how the credit you’ve earned at other institutions will transfer to Ohio State using the course applicability system, Transferology.  Click here to visit Transferology and set up an account.  However, remember that the credit evaluation Transferology provides is neither official nor comprehensive. You’ll be able to see your Transfer Credit Report, the official record of how your previous coursework transferred to Ohio State, after we receive your college transcripts.

You can also use the ‘OSU Quick Equivalencies’ spreadsheet available on the Registrar’s website (note that it is updated every two weeks). Evaluating course equivalencies is a critical step when considering taking a course at another college or university. You want to be sure you are completing the correct course.

If you are unable to find a direct equivalent on the Transferology website for math and chemistry courses, you should contact the math and/or chemistry department here at The Ohio State University for clarification on whether the course you want to take will transfer back to The Ohio State University at the appropriate level.  You will need to provide a syllabus for them to review.  

Minimum Grade Requirements 

Students are responsible for checking if the transfer credit grade meets Ohio State and HRS grade requirements.  A grade of C- or higher is required to meet program requirements, including prerequisites and program coursework. A grade of D or higher is required for non-program coursework such as general education (GE) and electives.  If a GE requirement overlaps with a program requirement, a grade of C- or higher is required.  


Students are discouraged from waiting until their last term at Ohio State to transfer credit from another institution. However, if they plan to do so, they need to follow proper procedures so that every effort can be made to have the credit posted before graduation.

It is the student’s responsibility to (1) ensure that the course(s) taken will fulfill the intended course requirements at Ohio State, and (2) have a transcript sent from the host institution to Ohio State’s Graduate and Professional Admissions. Ohio State has a formal arrangement for graduating students attending Columbus State Community College (CSCC), clearly delineated on the CSCC Early Grade Release page. 

Click here to learn how to send your official transcripts to Ohio State’s Graduate and Professional Admissions.  

Click here to access the CSCC Early Grade Release for Graduates of Other Institutions. 

Students enrolled at another institution are encouraged to inquire if they have a similar early-grade release program.

Transfer credit must be posted to the student record by 5:00 pm on the Friday of Finals Week to receive a diploma during Commencement. If the credit is not posted by that deadline, students may still participate in Commencement, but the diploma cover distributed during the ceremony will not have the official diploma inside.

Students have up to the second Friday of the subsequent term to resolve any outstanding coursework issues and be certified to graduate for the original graduation term. If problems are still unresolved by this deadline, the student must reapply for graduation during an upcoming term.

After a student has completed the course and requested a transcript be sent to Ohio State’s Graduate and Professional Admissions, they can view their Transfer Credit Report online at Buckeye LinkOnce the credit has been posted to the Ohio State record, it will appear on this report.