Medsembly & First Gen Pre-PA Club

Having a professional career (and especially pre-PA) mentor is costly (usually around $200 for a 50-minute mentorship meeting), which causes it to be inaccessible and unattainable for most first-generation students.
However, the OSU First-Gen Pre-PA student organization is here to help! Partnering with @medsemblya medical mentorship platform that ensures career success in the next generation of healthcare workers by connecting students to professionals in their field and resources geared to help them succeed, Medsembly is offering 100 OSU First-Gen Pre-PA club members access to 90 free days of their premium pre-PA mentorship services such as personalized advice and mentorship, in person and online shadowing opportunities, resume reviews, application reviews, personal statement reviews, mock interviews, and MORE free services!
The founder of Medsembly, PA-C Joseph, is also traveling from Georgia for this event, so we also encourage you all to come!
Sign up for the 90-day free trial for pre-PA mentorship services here! You must come to our Oct. 1st Saturday meeting at noon in order to receive your access to the services!
Join our GroupMe if you have any questions at all!