Interprofessional Community Scholars Program

his is your invitation to apply to be part of the Interprofessional Community Scholars Program. This program involves students from different health-related professionals and pairs them with an older adult living in the Columbus community. The Interprofessional Community Scholars Program is a great opportunity to gain experience working in interprofessional teams to help the community. You will gain skills in professionalism, adaptability, and effective communication. Your participation in this program can help diversify your experiences for future applications for graduate programs or your careers. 


As part of the program, you will assist older adults, who we refer to as Community Health Mentors (CHM), to enhance their digital health literacy skills, access needed community-based care, and identify and reach personal health and wellness goals, all while learning about teamwork, patient-centered care, and community health. Older adults share their experiences and provide feedback to help you become a better practitioner. There will be two weeks where you will be completing assignments that will prepare you for your visits with the CHM. After these two weeks, four visits will take place in the community, in which you will be working on a team that includes other 2-3 students and the CHM, to accomplish goals set by the CHM.

The deadline to apply for the program is Friday, September 9th. The visits with your assigned Community Health Mentor begin the week of September 26th and will occur throughout the Fall semester. 

For more information, please see the attached items or reach out to Alaina Lotozo at  

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Fall Interprofessional Community Scholars Program, please visit:

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