Job Opportunity: Special Needs Support

We are looking for a few individuals to help with our son, in our Dublin home, for a few

hours in the morning or the afternoon. This is the perfect job for someone looking to

earn a little cash while gaining great experience. Mathew has Autism and is super easy

going. He likes listening to music and loves to make others laugh. However, he needs a

little help for several hours before and after his day program. We are looking for

someone who would like to hang out with him Monday-Friday, in the morning (7:00-9:30

am) or in the afternoon (3:30-5:30 pm). Wednesdays, he is home all day and extra

hours are available. Hours are spread out between several providers. Responsibilities

include helping with morning breakfast or afternoon snack, assisting in teaching daily

living and social skills while out and about, as well as providing transportation to social

activities and events in the area. Weekend hours are also available for anyone who

would like extra hours. This is a great experience for anyone interested in working with

the special needs population (teachers, PT, OT, Speech & Hearing, and psychology

majors) or anyone looking for the opportunity to work with a fun and awesome human

being!  You can reach me by texting 614-353-4243 or emailing