Job Opportunity: Health care opportunity

Hi. My name is Kyle Garvey and I was wondering if you could help me promote a job to some of your students. I’m in need of some evening or nighttime personal care hours. I live in a Creative Living apartment right near campus, so it would be great if an OSU/Capital student could cover some.

The actual work is almost always quite simple. I might need some help with meal prep, basic household stuff, helping me transfer (I use a Hoyer lift), or some occasional small trips (I own a van). I’m 33, have CP, use a wheelchair. I like film a lot, am pretty quiet, but enjoy meeting & hearing from friendly people.

Undergraduates bringing to this job 6-month experience can expect to get about $12/hr, and graduate students $14/hr to start with. I use Ohio at Home healthcare agency normally, but these new hours can be as close to the agency or as independent as would be preferred.

If interested please follow up with Kyle Garvey at