Job Opportunity: Home Health Aide

**Hello Everyone! Job Opportunity AVAILABLE! **

I work as a home health aide with a 13-year-old female with cerebral palsy. Currently, I job share with another female working Tuesday and Sundays. The other female works Thursday and Saturday. The family is looking for females only. Client has 20 hours a week, at 5 hours for 4 days. Family is very flexible with school schedules and personal schedules, which has been amazing. The mother is always in the home with you.
The family lives in Grove City (about 15-20 minutes from campus) and the work involves completing ADLs (very low stakes- nothing to be afraid of). This is a great opportunity for those in the health field and allows some time for studies!
This job beginsĀ ****December 2021/ January 2022**** and is very do able during your busy semesters (actually get most of my homework done during the shifts). The family is very caring and sweet. Each shift they provide you with a meal + even dessert sometimes. They also provide you with a quiet desk area to do homework.
If you are interested in this position, please contact me via phone or email as soon as possible!
Phone- (513)748-7493