Health Sciences Spring 2022 Scheduling Tips

Unsure of your enrollment scheduling window for Spring?  Please use this link for help in locating your specific day and time.

All 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses have a graduate and undergraduate section.  Be sure to select the undergraduate section when scheduling or you will receive an error message.

Columbus Campus students: DO NOT waitlist .01 sections of courses because these are reserved for online only students.  You will not get off the waitlist If a course section that you want is full you can add yourself to the non .01 waitlist.

Online Only Students: Please only sign yourself up for the .01 sections of coursework in HTHRHSC.  These are reserved for you!

Please use the health sciences Curriculum Guides and Class Offerings for Columbus Campus Students and Online Only Students that are available on our website to assist you with course planning.

Students that need to be permissioned into courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.

Any student that is taking EEOB 2520 equivalent at Columbus State this Autumn will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.  You do not need to email the instructor. Just email George or Christie and we can permission you in.

Pubhepi 2410 online tends to fill up quickly.  If it gives you an error message that seats are reserved but the course looks open, please add yourself to the waitlist.

Current Second Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students: Continue to take GE’s and pre-reqs for the major.  These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.

Spring 2022 Graduating SeniorsAny course that is full that you need to graduate, add yourself to the waitlist and email your advisor.  We will watch the waitlists and adjust as needed.  Worst case, we will find a suitable alternative if you cannot get into a course!