Job and Research Postings!

The Institute for Genomic Medicine ( has a variety of job postings to help fill the team’s needs. If your students are interested in any of these roles, please encourage them apply. Additionally, there are a variety of student positions in NCH research labs – both in the summer and during the school year – should students have a particular interest area that matches well with the work being conducted in our research lab.


Clinical Lab Positions: 

IGM Genetic Technologist – Job ID 29744 (Manager Aimee McKinney)–next-generation-sequencing/job?mode=view


IGM Genetic Technologist – Job ID 29361 (Manager: Nissa Rodgers)—genetic-technologist-i—molecular/job?mode=view


IGM – Clinical Lab Support Associate – Job 27057 (Manager: Jessica Scholl)—clinical-lab-support-associate/job?mode=view&mobile=false&width=751&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240


IGM – Quality Assurance & Quality Control Specialist – Job 28697 (Manager: Jessica Scholl)—quality-assurance-%26-quality-control-specialist/job?mode=view



Research Positions:

IGM  Research Assistant – Stottmann Lab – Job ID 26720 (Manager: Rolf Stottmann)—research-assistant—stottmann-lab/job?mode=view


IGM  Research Associate – Stottmann Lab – Job ID 27619 (Manager: Rolf Stottmann)—research-associate—stottmann-lab/job?mode=view


IGM  Research Scientist – Stottmann Lab – Job ID 27261 (Manager: Rolf Stottmann)—research-scientist—stottmann-lab/job?mode=view



Business Administration Positions:

IGM Financial Analyst/Data Analyst- Job ID 29813- (Manager: Adam French)


Administrative Intern – Job ID 29170 (Manager: Adam French)—administrative-student/job?mode=view