First Generation Envisioning Network

On behalf of the First Generation Envisioning Network (FGEN), I am reaching out because I was hoping you could share our 8-week FGEN summer cohort program for first-generation college students with your advising networks, perhaps in the newsletter. I have some marketing materials available if that would be helpful, including the image attached here.

This program is a paid opportunity for first generation students to analyze their personal goals and values, meet an array of employers, build a network of peers and employer contacts, and advance their career paths. The program is fully virtual and begins June 7th and ends August 13th. We meet weekly over Zoom for about 90 minutes per week. In addition to this time commitment, students will also participate in career development sessions, such as mock interviews and financial wellness sessions, and meet with top Columbus area employers. The program pays up to $150 at the completion of the 8-week program.

First-generation college students can sign up here by April 30. Spots are limited, so students should sign up as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the program, please let me know!




Kaity Prieto, PhD

University Innovation Alliance Fellow

Office of Academic Affairs

Student Academic Services Building, 6th Floor

281 W. Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1234

614-247-8458 Office