American Association of University Women E-Board Positions Open

Are you looking for an opportunity to be on an E-board? Do you want to gain leadership experience to grow a new coming student organization? Are you passionate about public policy and the professional development of women in the workplace? Are you dedicated to acknowledging and eradicating the wage gap that intersects multiple identities?

AAUW (American Association of University Women) has e-board applications open and is looking for any and all individuals interested in taking on the responsibility to be part of an organization that is a major resource for students across campus.

Given the current pandemic, all of our meetings and events have been virtual but we hope to engage our community with in-person meetings this fall. This past year, we carried out formal events that consist of salary negotiation workshops, documentary screenings, guest speakers, wellness activities, and more! The AAUW community is a group of empowered women here to support you during your time at Ohio State and beyond.

Check here to apply!