Scheduling Tips for Health Sciences Majors

Here are some scheduling tips that we recommend for Health Sciences majors:

  • Check when you can register for Autumn 2021 classes with this link.
  • Be sure to select the “undergraduate level for all 5000+ level HTHRHSC courses.
  • .01 sections are for ONLINE Health Science Majors ONLY!
  • Use the Pre-Track Health Sciences Curriculum Guides to see what you need for potential graduate schools.
  • See what’s available for Major Electives for In-Person Students and Major Electives for ONLINE Only Students.
  • Students that have permission to enroll in courses should email their advisors AFTER their scheduling window has opened.
  • Any student taking EEOB 2520: Physiology equivalent at a community college this Spring/Summer terms will need an advisor override to enroll in HTHRHSC 5500, 5510, and 4530.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist for PUBHEPI 2410 if you receive an error.
  • Current First Year Honors or Scholars directly admitted students should continue to take GE’s and prerequisites for the Health Sciences major.
    • These students should NOT be taking major courses until all pre-requisites have been completed.