Student Spotlight: Matthew Freed

Matthew Freed


Hometown: Arlington, OH
Major: Radiologic Sciences and Therapy – Radiation Therapy
Career Pathway: I am planning to work as a Radiation Therapist for several years and then attend Med School.

Why did you pick your major?

I decided to choose Radiation Therapy as my major as I wanted to find a career in which I could be involved in the treatment of cancer patients. I knew that this major would provide me with ample opportunities to enhance my skills while gaining clinical experience. Clinical experience is necessary to have since I am planning on going to Med School in the future. I believe that this major is the best choice for my career pathway as it has acclimated me with the healthcare setting and has allowed me to gain valuable clinical experience that will help me to achieve my goals.

What advice would you give future student planning to pursue this major?

Future students who are planning to pursue this major should be active outside of the classroom and should be well-rounded students. I am involved with the HRS Leadership group. I have also volunteered with several organizations in the community. One of the best qualities about my program is that everyone is dedicated to setting us up for future success no matter what our plans are.

What has been the most helpful resource(s) or support to you here?

My advisors and faculty within the program have been the most helpful resources for me. They have been more than willing to answer all of my questions which has allowed me to succeed throughout my past several years here at OSU.

What are you doing as a student at Ohio State that you never thought/imagined you’d be doing?

I have become more involved with the groups on campus than I ever thought I would. There are so many different groups which makes it easy to find something that you will enjoy.

Do you feel you are prepared for the future of your profession?

I feel that I am prepared for the future of my profession as I have been thoroughly prepared by the staff in my program. We have been challenged through both our clinical and didactic coursework, and this has prepared us for the future of our profession.

What does “The future of healthcare begins here” means to you?

To me, “The future of healthcare begins here” means that the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences has prepared us for our future professions by providing us with the best training and clinical experiences. They have emphasized inter-professional relations which I believe plays a big role in the future of healthcare.