Student Spotlight: Allison Williams

Allison J. Williams

Hometown: Napoleon, OH

Major: HIMS

Fun fact: I play club water polo here at OSU

Career path: Incoming 2023 OSU MHA Candidate


Why did you pick your major?

“Choosing HIMS as my undergraduate major was one of the best decisions I have made because it perfectly blended my passions within healthcare and my detail-driven skillset. When first navigating career options, I entertained pursuing direct patient care, such as nursing or physical therapy. Although this satisfied my desire to help others improve their quality of life, I found myself wanting to apply my leadership qualities and curiosity with technical systems.”

What advice would you give future student planning to pursue this major?

“The biggest piece of advice I could give to a future student of a HRS program is to get involved with clubs that really grab your attention and explore something you’re passionate about (like your major!). Even if you don’t decide to join an academic-oriented club, there’s something at Ohio State for everyone, and it’s never too late to join. In addition to that, look into getting a part-time job that relates to your intended career path. This will give a pivotal supplement to your coursework! There are so many options available to get involved, and many HRS faculty can connect you with these opportunities.”

What has been the most helpful resource(s) or support to you here? 

“Other academic departments on campus – University Exploration, Dennis Learning Center, Younkin Success Center, Counseling and Consultation, Student Health Services, S.T.E.P (Second-year Transformational Experience Program), ODI (Office of Diversity and Inclusion), etc.”

“The faculty in the HIMS program are the most helpful resources I’ve had in undergrad. I know my professors truly care about teaching us, and I always feel comfortable asking questions. HRS majors typically have smaller class sizes as well (I have 27 other students in my cohort), which makes it easy to connect with your professors. Additionally, they continuously communicate great job opportunities and connection with alumni, which will be invaluable upon graduation.”

What are you doing as a student at Ohio State that you never thought/imagined you’d be doing?

“I currently hold three part-time jobs at OSU. I never intended to manage these jobs, my classes, homework, and a sport, but I love that I had the opportunity to multitask these roles. This is another testament to the endless opportunities and the flexibility you have as a HRS student. Additionally, I gained valuable skills with each position, and they helped me develop my time management skills.”

Do you feel you are prepared for the future of your profession? 

“I feel very prepared for my future. I opted to continue my studies in graduate school, but I definitely felt prepared to begin a full-time job this summer upon graduation. All of my work experiences and coursework have given me a great foundation and skillset to bring to my future employer.”

What does “The future of healthcare begins here” means to you?

“The coursework, opportunities, and connections I experienced with HRS gave me the best foundation to build my career, and I know I can make a difference in the healthcare field in the future because of this.”