Valemee is Hiring!

Valemee (formerly UFITdublin) is hiring!

At Valemee Fitness, everyone is valued and empowered to achieve optimal levels of fitness.  We use a visual system that promotes independence and lifelong fitness. 


  • Want to have a rewarding job during school with flexible hours?
  • Have a passion for serving the population of those with neurological, developmental or physical disabilities?
  • Need volunteer experience that will increase your experience working with those with unique needs?


  • Evaluate clients’ fitness levels and health conditions to ensure safety
  • Build individualized exercise programs using the Valemee™ System
  • Provide adaptations to exercises using appropriate regressions and progressions as needed
  • Monitor progress of clients using Valemee tracker/app
  • Lead individual training sessions
  • Perform CPR and administer first aid in case of emergencies
  • Inform and assist clients on gym safety, proper use of gym equipment and hygiene guidelines
  • Build a positive and trusting relationship with clients
  • Maintain current personal training certification, CPR/first aid, background check status
  • Maintain a professional relationship with owners and other employees, gym volunteers and client staff/families
  • Familiar with and complicit with following clients’ medical, emotional, behavioral protocols.
  • Sign a non-compete agreement for use of Valemee and the Valemee system within counties where Valemee™ is being used.
  • Enforce all established Valemee policies and safety rules to reduce the chance of accidents and maintain a safe and comfortable environment in which clients and families can thrive.


  • A special facility offering personal training and specialized fitness
  • Please contact for more information. Please visit our website