General or Special Credit Evaluation

What if my credits transferred as “General, Special or Technical” credit?

These courses will need to be further evaluated by the specific department here on campus.

Step 1:

  • Gather syllabi from your previous institution for the course(s) in question. If you do not have a copy;
    contact that department at the school and request an electronic copy of the syllabus to be sent to
    your email.

Step 2:

  • Visit OSU’s Transfer Credit Coordinator Webpage:

Step 3:

  • Find the course subject you are having evaluated. For example, if you are having a Chemistry course
    evaluated, scroll to the “C’s” for Chemistry or click “C” at the top.

Step 4:

  • Follow the instructions listed for that department’s process for sending in your syllabus and other
    information. Contact the department directly for clarification or questions.

Step 5:

  • Send your HRS Academic Advisor ( the approval email you received
    from the department via email or in person so that adjustments can be made to your Degree Audit.