New 2nd session course option: EXP 2000

Interested in exploring majors? You may benefit from EXP 2000: Major Exploration for Continuing Students. The How to Re-decide course is a seven week, one credit hour course (2-3 hours per week of work required).  The course guides students through the re-deciding process and formulating a new academic plan at OSU by exploring potential majors through assessments, exposure to OSU degrees and various ways to explore and determine the best fit.


There are 2 sections being offered in the second session of spring semester:

#30941 – In person section, meets Mondays from 1:50-2:45. Instructor: Kathryn Dove.7

#35517 – New ONLINE section of the course; asynchronous. Instructor: Sarah Howard.933


Both sections are listed as “Department consent required,” but any advisor may enroll students into the course if they feel it is appropriate. If you have questions, feel free to meet with your advisor and discuss one of these options!