Year in Review

As I reflect on my sophomore year at Ohio State, I realize how much I’ve grown personally and professionally. I have done things outside of my comfort zone and begun to reach some of my goals and dreams.

First, this year has been the most challenging academically. During the first semester, I decided to take a Java class because I really liked the general education Excel class. I wanted to do a Computer and Information Science minor. I knew this would pair well with accounting because it would equip me with valuable analytical and problem-solving skills. I really enjoyed the class and didn’t find it to be difficult. The subject matter came very easily to me. As the second semester approached, I reevaluated my next few years at Ohio State. I realized that I wanted to do the four-year combined BSBA/MAcc program. This would not allow me to do the CIS minor, but I decided a master’s degree was better than a minor. To be able to do this program, I had to get into the Accounting Honors Program. It was a stressful second semester with Rick Young, but he finally accepted me to the program. The material is extremely rigorous, but it is very rewarding and intellectually stimulating. I look forward to seeing where this program takes me in the future.

Second, I have expanded my professional network and have been in contact with one of my dream companies. I did the Deloitte Alternative Spring Break Program in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a volunteer and networking trip that provided me with an unforgettable experience. I met amazing students and Deloitte professionals. After this trip, I could see myself working at Deloitte. It has an amazing company culture and focuses on its employees. Before I look more into Deloitte, I have other exciting experiences to think about. I will be working at CBRE in Madrid, Spain, as a business analyst this summer. I am nervous because I don’t know if I will be able to do the job, but I am extremely excited to be in Spain. My departure date can’t come soon enough.

Volunteering at a school in Atlanta


Deloitte Alternative Spring Break

Lastly, I have narrowed down my involvements and gained some leadership positions. I have joined Scarlet and Gray Financial. I will be a financial peer coach starting next semester. I can’t wait to interact with other students and share everything I have learned about finances. I have also joined Beta Alpha Psi. This is the accounting fraternity. I had to talk to talk to an accounting professor about an accounting topic as a pledge exam. I was nervous, but it went very smoothly. Additionally, in Alpha Chi Omega, I have taken on an executive position. I am now VP Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair. I will be running the logistics of recruitment during January 2019. I know I have a lot of work and planning ahead of me.

Alpha Chi Omega Exec Board

As summer approaches, I look forward to going to Chicago with Accounting Honors students, interning in Spain, and preparing to take the GMAT. It has been a year of growth and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in my future.


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Coming to college in August, I was nervous to meet everyone in the Business Scholars Program and to make friends. I didn’t know anyone and was hoping everyone else was just as nervous as me. Luckily, when I got to OSU everyone was ready to meet new people and create friendships. After about 3 weeks, everyone in BSP was starting to get to know each other. We were doing everything with each other and having a lot of fun. Therefore, when OUAB announced the Welcome Back Concert, of course we had to go together. I had only been to one concert before this one, so I was nervous and excited at the same time. Also, I wasn’t sure if I would like a Kesha concert. When it came to the day of the concert, everyone was taking pictures and enjoying ourselves. We walked into the Schottenstein, and the whole atmosphere was buzzing. We ended up knowing many more songs than we thought we would. This made it really fun then because everyone was singing. At this point in the semester, we were a bit uncomfortable with each other still so it was awkward singing at times. Now, I look back at this and laugh at the situation since we are all very close now. Overall, this was an amazing experience for me at the beginning of my first year. I got to explore something new that I wasn’t sure I would like. I also got to bond with all of my soon to be best friends in BSP. We were all just having fun and enjoying being a college student. This was the beginning of a lifetime of friendships and connections.

About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah Hovest. I am a first year student in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University specializing in accounting and minoring in computer and information science. I am from Kalida, Ohio, a very small town in Northwest Ohio. I chose accounting as my major because of my strong organizational and analytical skills along with my love for numbers and interacting with others. I have also recently decided to pursue a computer and information science minor because I’m very intrigued by the capabilities of computers. Being able to pursue my interest in many different areas is what I find so great about college.

When I came to Ohio State, I knew what I was getting myself into as this big campus. I wanted to develop myself personally and professionally and have been able to accomplish this already in my first year. I am a member of The Business Scholars Program which has introduced me to many amazing people and opportunities. This program gave me the stepping stone I needed to start my college experience off right. I have also recently joined Alpha Chi Omega. When joining, I never knew how much I would gain from my sisters in this organization. The women in this chapter at Ohio State hold me to high morals and academic standards while being down-to-earth, compassionate individuals. Additionally, in my free time, I like to explore new restaurants in Columbus and try new workout classes.

In the future, I hope to continually grow as a person through my drive and aspirations. I plan on obtaining a leadership position in Alpha Chi Omega to use my skills to their potential while improving the organization as a whole. I am also looking forward to an education abroad experience in the future, so I can experience the world on a more globalized scale. Overall, I can’t wait to spend the next three years at Ohio State gaining knowledge and making connects that will last a lifetime.