Plagiarism project

This project require me to revise a summary of “Cheating across Cultures” (Redden, 2007) in order to make it violate the OSU code of student conduct and let peers to find it as a instructor.

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Based on the test result from the website Payscale, two of the jobs that fit me is Managing Editor and Senior. Managing Editor is responsible for supervising the process of publishing. Senior Buyer negotiates and buys resource for the company.

        Managing Editor in meeting


Managing Editor doesn’t look very fit for me. Although it has a average salary of $61157, and a experienced one could increase it largely as 23%, this job doesn’t fit for me at all. A interesting data about this job is that 72.9% It indicates that the skill the jobs need are more likely to appear on female, or the mode of the job are more preferred by female. As expected, the two skills that could benefit the salary of Managing Editor is content management and people management. This makes sense since Managing Editor are supposed to manage. However, it’s very different from the skills that I’m good at and I’ve never thought to become a managing editor. Actually, I’ve poorly held a activity and never practice the skill of layout. The power point I made are often very normal or even mess from visual perspective. As a result, I believe the job advice of managing editor is not accurate and doesn’t correspond with me.

Another advice given is to be a senior buyer.                                                Senior buyer negotiating

Compared with managing editor, I believe this job is more fit to my condition.There’re 4 skills that could improve the salary – negotiating, Contract Negotiation, Supplier Management, Sourcing. From my perspective, it seems like that senior buyers need to contact with supplier and have to be able to communicating and relating them in order to bring the company a good source of supply. So, it’s actually a job relating to your ability to handle the social network and making deal with others. In my past experience, I’ve poorly argued or negotiated with others. It might be a disadvantage that I don’t care about the price of good a lot. However, I have confident to maintain a social network and relating suppliers. I got this confidence because I have some friends in high school and able to get along with most of my classmate. In addition, I’m not bad at argument on some questions other than prices. I also like the senior buyer job because I believe that it’s interesting to contact with different people and negotiate with them. I might be able to make friends and attend activities with them too. However, there’s one thing I worry about this job—senior buyers have little improve on salary for being experienced or late career buyers. Unlike managing editors, senior buyer only got 4%. Experience does not affect this job much after mid career. This indicate that this job has a restrict limit.

Overall, senior buyer could be a nice choice for me without thinking about the academic major. However, since Payscale doesn’t ask on the interest in academic, the results is easy to have difference with the actual condition. Both jobs suggested to me are not related to my intended major. Since then, most of the advice might not be helpful. This is what the website could work on.

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I’m Michael Hou from Guangdong, China. I’ve heard  so many times about my laziness and I also agree with it. I like to lay on my bed, playing on my phone, and I haven’t played sport for years. However, I’m also a optimist, I could view things in my life positively which helps me through many difficulties. In my free time, I like to play video games, and the favorite one is ‘Counter-Strike’, although I am not a good player. Recently, I started doing some fitness for a healthier life style and losing weight.

I’ve been studying in NCPA, located in Guangzhou, for 4 years. It’s a small international school with only approximately 100 students each grade. The

 individuality is very obvious in our school  due to the small class size. With only about 15 students each class, each student gets many chances to interact with the teacher. Studying in NCPA will be very different from studying in OSU. Since there’s not many people in my grade. I almost know each person in my grade. People with similar interest often attend same activities and group up. As time goes by, we form different social circles.  Myself of course is a part of video games group.

I have a lot expectations on the campus life in OSU. I like the large population of OSU. The population provides me a chance to contact with a lot of different people and enrich my experience. I can also find more people who have similar values and interest as I do. I also expect to explore more on my academic interest in OSU. My current plan is to study Computer and Information Science since it’s a common subject and could provide nice job opportunity. However, I’m not sure if it’s my real interest. I hope I can figure it out and find my life target in OSU.

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