Project 8

Project 8 was a collage piece for my ART 2100 class. The piece was allowed to be dream like or represent concrete objects but had to remain abstract. The collage was to be based off of the artists past memories. My piece is an abstract representation of a blanket I had as a child, the blanket had the alphabet on it and each small piece of colorful paper represents the letters, while the softer background represents the blankets material and my home.

GE Homework 10

This is my submission for my homework 10 in my ART 2100 class.  This piece is part of a larger GE project which spans over the course of the class. The piece was done under inspiration of Bridget Riley and her pieces as she is the subject of my GE project.  The piece embodies her abstract black and white style.

Project 7

This is my project 7, a piece focused on planes and the use of layering. I liked this piece because it managed to look finished while maintaining simplicity.

Project 6

This is my Project 6 for ART 2100, it is an outdoor perspective piece. I am most proud of my use of shading in this piece.