Some pictures from over the years, starting all the way back in 2003.

Artist Ann Hamilton brought her ONE EVERYONE project to Ohio State in Fall 2019. It’s not often you can get a glamor shot taken by a famous artist as she coaches you on how to turn and where to look while draped behind a thermoplastic curtain. She sent every participant their photographs. I made mine into a short video montage.

Erin hands a certificate to another woman who uses a wheelchair, in front of a colorful backgroundVSA Ohio (now Art Possible Ohio) hosts an annual visual art exhibit and tour. One of my great honors was hosting the opening ceremony with awards, certificates, music and more. It was one of the few times so many of our statewide constituents got together in one place. This was taken in 2019 at my last Day of Arts for All event.

Four women fill the image all wearing different types of gray outfitsGet yourself amazing colleague friends.  Eventually you will start dressing alike without planning it.  We’re still ladies who lunch.

Four women stand to the right of a projector screen which says "Arts & Autism in Ohio Initiative"Out-of-state conferences and presenting at them is a rite of passage.

Erin sits in a radio studio behind a microphone under the headline All Sides with Ann Fisher LiveLive radio experiences are partly why I got into podcasting.  Radio is generally voice, but sometimes they live stream on the internet.

Five people pose for a photo; 2 women and 2 men stand around a college-age man using a wheelchair, all behind a table with a plain beige background Partnerships, partnerships, partnerships…make the world go round and make your events more successful.  Me with Disability Rights Ohio during Building Access by Design conference in 2017.

Erin stands behind a podium and microphone, wearing a black dress and beige scarf with one hand out in gesturePro Tip: Get over your fear of public speaking – speak from the heart. You’re better than you think, you know more than you think, and people are happy its not them up there.

Erin in the front right corner is kneeling down to be at eye level with a preschool girl who is painting a wooden flowerVSA Ohio facilitated scores of teaching artists residencies at schools across Ohio.  I saw more of this state than I ever expected thanks to visiting schools tucked into neighborhoods.  Watching those kids, teachers, and artists work together made all the paper-pushing worth it.

Far away image of a stage with two people near a podium and large screen above themColumbus Mayor Mike Coleman introduced my Emerging Arts Leader Award from the Greater Columbus Arts Council in 2013.  Celebrity situation.  I wrote notes for my remarks and still managed to forget to thank GCAC – Thanks, GCAC!

Graduation day picture of one man and three women wearing caps and gowns My time at University of California San Diego changed my life in countless ways.