Comparative Effectiveness Research Online Training

Access 16 modules on comparative effectiveness research (CER). Examples of analysis methods are presented in a format that allows participants to understand their application and practice using them in their preferred analytic program. Modules also address the practical issues involved in conducting CER studies both generally and specifically at The Ohio State University.

View and download slides for the complete set of modules.

Module 1: Causality, Effect Identification & Statistical Inference

Module 2: Research Design in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Module 3: Propensity Score Theory

Module 4: Propensity Score Application

Module 5: Instrumental Variable Methods

Module 6: Introduction to Economic Evaluation

Module 7: Decision Modeling

Module 8: Working with Health Care Claims and Complex Survey Data

Module 9: Simple Linear Regression

Module 10: Survival Analysis

Module 11: An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Module 12: An Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Module 13: Translating CER Evidence into Practice, Policy and Public Health

Module 14: Translational Toolbox

Module 15: Pragmatic Clinical Trials 1

Module 16: Pragmatic Clinical Trials 2

Module 17: Mixed Methods in CER

Module 18: STATA Dataset Practice Example- HCUP

Module 19: Comparative Effectiveness Research 101