Figueroa co-authors new publication

April 7, 2022 | health equity & access


Cancer Medicine journal cover

Center for HOPES Research Scholar Wilson Figueroa is co-author of an article in the new issue of Cancer Medicine. In “Predicting Breast Cancer Risk in a Racially Diverse, Community-Based Sample of Potentially High-Risk Women,” Dr. Figueroa, College of Public Health colleague Tasleem Padamsee, and their co-authors compare three different breast cancer risk prediction models among a community-based sample to identify women who have a high risk of getting breast cancer.

Different breast cancer risk prediction models — including Gail, Claus, and IBIS — use different information to estimate lifetime risk. The models have largely been used in clinical settings. In this study, the research team collects survey data directly from a sample of women in the community (rather than clinical setting settings). They find large differences in the number of women identified as high risk from each of the three models. They conclude that identification of high-risk women at the community level benefits from using multiple risk prediction models.

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