Day 4: Health Department Clinic and Nursing Education

Today was a hot and sunny day in Choluteca! We began our morning at the local health department, Centro de Salud Iztoca, where we were able to care for a variety of patients. It was an awesome experience as we were able to provide care and connect with the local community! It was interesting to see how the overall health of the people changed from clinic to clinic.

After a really good ‘American’ meal of burgers and fries, we educated the IETI nursing students on CPR and performing a history and physical, two essential pieces of nursing care. Both us and the students had a blast demonstrating, practicing and interacting throughout the afternoon. It was awesome to see their skills in action. We of course got smoothies before dinner; they never ruin our appetite 😉

Tomorrow we will visit the Hospital del San Lorenzo and see a different healthcare setting. It should be another great day with new experiences. Check out some pictures from today below!! Goodnight


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